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Make The Clean Swap



Create a healthier home with fewer harmful chemicals,

less plastic and less worry. Just add water and Norwex removes 99.9% of bacteria. Home and personal care products are available.

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Toxins are in most products these days and can cause a whole list of dangerous issues. Beautycounter has a list of over 1800 ingredients on their "Never List", making it a trustworthy and also effective line of products!

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Supplements in Chocolate

These chocolates are delicious, have no sugar and have therapeutic doses of high quality supplements inside! Great for a guilt-free snack or for people who prefer not to swallow pills. 

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Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation

Give the body the amazing gift of energizing real, organic foods while detoxing glyphosate and getting regenerative sleep. 

Wine Bottles

Scout & Cellar

This female-owned company has only low sugar, low sulfite wines, in addition to testing all wines twice to make sure they are chemical and pesticide free. 

Herbal Medicine


Fill all of your practitioner-grade supplement needs, all in one place. Contact me for recommendations, and an exclusive site-wide discount !

Shop My Favorite Products

Your one-stop-shop for products that will help you achieve your health goals!
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  Healthy Intestinal Function

Its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities combat intestinal dysfunction and provide relief from their symptoms

  Proper Cognitive Function

Curcumin combined with Vitamin D has been shown to support the body in combating degenerative brain function

  Normal Liver Function

Healthy liver function is key to overall wellness, and curcumin has been shown in studies to support normal liver function 

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Shop My Favorite  Websites

Check out these sites for properly raised meats, organic products that give back and local organic produce!

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