Happy Belly Bundle

All the digestive health supplements you will need to kickstart your Happy Belly Journey! Designs For Health is one of the most trusted brands in the biz and I have carefully curated this bundle to bring you faster, healthier results. You simply add these products in your morning smoothie to effectively detoxify, energize and cleanse the digestive system!


We are inundated with toxins these days and they are creating an unhealthy environment in the body. What we put on our skin goes directly into our bloodstream, so conventional beauty products can cause anything from hormonal imbalances to cancer. Beautycounter has a list of over 1800 ingredients on their "Never List", making it a trustworthy and also effective line of products!

Sensitivity Analysis

This at-home hair and saliva test will give us insight into the inner-workings of your body. Things like food sensitivities, toxic load, hormonal imbalances, vitamin deficiencies, etc. This is a great way to target exactly what YOUR body needs for better results. There really is no 'One Size Fits All' approach for health coaching. This way, we will know precisely how to get you feeling healthy and vibrant!

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