Have you been trying to figure out how to get rid of your heartburn, bloating and belly fat  on your own?

It's time to take back control of your body and feel GOOD every day!


In Just 12 Weeks You Will:

- Learn how to eat to nourish your unique body

- Gently cleanse your system of toxins that may be affecting your digestive system and overall health

- Balance the gut to improve your digestion, get glowing skin and ditch the extra inches around the waist

- Address the body as a whole to get better sleep, improve your mood and gain your energy back




My unique 12-week online course has been carefully structured to teach you everything you need to know about your digestion including why it is so important to address your issues, how to get rid of your symptoms for good and how you can ditch that stubborn belly fat.


The Happy Belly Method is tailored to those women who don't want to feel uncomfortable and embarrassed any longer and are committed to empowering themselves to make a change. My online, self-paced program includes audio lessons, videos, meal plans and customized action tasks that walk you through understanding what is right for YOUR body, giving you practical steps on how to improve your gut issues and change your habits for good.

You will have access to my LIVE online Pilates classes, as well as over 100 other LIVE classes from my fellow instructors at Engage Fitness. Choose your own adventure with at-home workouts to strengthen and tone your body. 


It includes 2 1:1 sessions with me to get clarity and weekly group coaching sessions, where you can enjoy Q & A's, as well as community support from women just like you. This will take place in the private members only Facebook group where you can reach out to women who are on the same path and be a part of an encouraging and motivating community. And when you sign up, you will receive a welcome kit of supportive supplements that are exclusive to my program members.

It's time to stop guessing and get yourself a plan! I am here to help. 

Engage Fitness Collective

Enjoy over 100 different LIVE exercise classes per week for one low price!


If you are in to Pilates, Dance Fitness, Yoga, Kickboxing or just about any other type of class, sign up today! for schedule

"After suffering from chronic pain for over 10 years, I am now able to ride my horse for days on end, pain free! In the last 18 months I have become stronger than I've ever been and actually like eating vegetables now! My results far exceeded my expectations and I feel happier and healthier each week. Marissa, you are stuck with me for life!"

- Carri

Much like many 50 year old women who grew up on fast food, soda and just general bad eating habits, I was desperate for a change. I have struggled with my belly fat, low energy, anxiety and god awful heartburn since my forties. And although I have gone through some spurts of “getting healthy “ I really hadn’t found any relief or peace. Marissa has given me the tools to not only lose weight, but get my gut healthy. My heartburn and anxiety are gone!! I sleep great and haven’t felt this good...ever! Through a food journal, my Healy and a personalized plan, Marissa has given me a new lease on life. Oh, and I still get to enjoy a cocktail or two and treat myself with some "treat" food when I feel like it.

- Betsy

What You Will Get

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