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Achieve Performance Through Wellness

Gut Health Coaching
for women ready to reclaim their health and live life on their terms

You’ve spent years trying to take control of your health...

Tried every promising diet, took the probiotic that was supposed to fix everything, followed doctors orders and got the prescription that only made things worse


Bloating, cramping, bathroom issues, low energy, or maybe that pesky extra 20 pounds, are still holding you back from living your life on your terms. 

But you don't have the time or energy for more trial and error. You have more important things to do.

You have to perform at work. You have to be present for your kids. You have a household to manage. 

Trying to get to the bottom of what’s making you feel this way is frustrating. You can’t bear going down another Google rabbit hole, looking for answers about what’s actually good for YOUR body and what’s not. So you’re still feeling stuck at square one.

Options are starting to feel another restrictive diet really going to get you to your goals?


Now it’s taking a toll on your day-to-day...

You feel powerless to your body’s response to the foods

you love, and every bite feels like a guessing game. 


“Will I have to run to the bathroom in the middle of a meeting?” 


“Can I get through my work day with all of this fatigue and brain fog?”


“Am I going to skip another vacation because I can't eat the food?”

On top of it all, you’re not sleeping well, your hair and skin

don’t glow like they used to, and your favorite pair of jeans

keeps getting pushed deeper and deeper into the underbelly

of your closet.


I know this frustration well, but I promise...there’s a fix.

A happy, productive life starts with a healthy gut,

and it's time for you to take control back.

Let's stop normalizing feeling like crap and just do what works.

I have created a program that fits into your life and takes less time than you think to get results. 


Once we understand your digestive system and how to keep it balanced, you’ll be empowered to get back to the healthiest version of you.


I know this because I spent decades suffering from digestive issues.


I understand the frustration and hopelessness it causes.


So I decided to get to the bottom of what was at the root of my challenges (NO more band-aids) and overcome them once and for all.

Now I’m dedicated to helping other women do the same.

Let’s overcome your gut health challenges, one step at a time...


Together, we’ll rebalance your entire body using a step-by-step plan that uses a combination of:

Testing your gut microbiome and replenishing it

Using food as medicine 

Group and 1:1 coaching

Healthy movement

Gentle detoxification

Shifting your mindset


Health coaching allows us to go beyond the traditional approach a doctor may take.


I look at each person as an individual.

We all have a "Digestive Blueprint" as unique as our fingerprint.

When we work with this blueprint we save massive amounts of time and energy because we see exactly what the body needs to work properly.


Checking Weight

Your health journey is about more than a number on the scale.  


It’s about feeling empowered to do what's best for your body, so you can show up in your life exactly the way you have always wanted to.

Imagine what it would feel like to...

  • Have all day energy and mental clarity to increase your performance at work


  • Enjoy a glass of full-bodied Cabernet and charcuterie with your girlfriends without the embarrassment of running to the bathroom


  • Finally have the energy to get down on the ground and play with your kids, rather than watch from the sidelines. 


  • Know exactly what to order off the menu during date night, without worrying about unbuttoning that top button to accommodate the bloat that shows up uninvited.


  • Wake up refreshed every morning, because you’re finally able to get undisturbed sleep.


It’s totally possible, because your life doesn’t have to be dictated by what’s going on inside your gut anymore..

Copy of IMG_0938.jpg

Real Results from women like you:

I have struggled with my belly fat, low energy, anxiety and god awful heartburn since my forties. Marissa has given me the tools to not only lose weight, but to heal my gut. My heartburn and anxiety are gone!! I sleep great and haven’t felt this good...ever! Marissa has given me a new lease on life. Oh, and I still get to enjoy a cocktail or two and treat myself with some "treat" food when I feel like it.

"I am only a few weeks into the program and my gut feels so much better already! I also have a lot more energy to get through my work day and I am surprisingly sleeping through the night for the first time in YEARS!"

"After suffering from chronic pain for over 10 years, I am now able to ride my horse for days on end, pain free! In the last 18 months I have become stronger than I've ever been and actually like eating vegetables now! My results far exceeded my expectations and I feel happier and healthier each week. Marissa, you are stuck with me for life!"


Marissa Hughes
Happy Belly Method

A 16-week online program that utilizes microbiome testing, supplementation, whole foods, stress reduction, sleep improvement, detoxification, and personalized coaching to get your digestive system back on track.


What's Included:

Happy Belly Method
16 Week Personalized Gut Health Program

Online gut-health course featuring a step-by-step plan so you always know

what to do next ($1,200 value)

BiomeFX gut microbiome testing so we both know EXACTLY what will help

your digestion (and everything else!) work properly 

($497 value)

30 day supply of The Happy Belly Supplement Bundle

($450 value)

4+ weeks of clean eating whole foods meal plan, including shopping lists ($300 value)


80+ live weekly online fitness classes + My Pilates recordings ($340 value)

Weekly group coaching calls ($1,600 value)

8 x 1:1 coaching calls with me

($1200 value) 

Access to private Facebook group for support and accountability, including office hours with me via Facebook Messenger ($1,200 value)

Lifetime 20% discount on all supplements ($1,000 value)

Ongoing access to additional lessons and meal plans ($500 value)

Total Value: $8287!

But I'm making it available for:

$3200 paid in full
or $897 / mo
for 4 months

biomefx pic.jpg

You don't have to suffer in silence anymore.
You could keep going down this path on your own, trying to figure out what’s making your stomach ache,
your energy depleted, or your skin dull and hair brittle
(hint: these issues are all tied to what’s happening inside your gut).

Or, you could get straight to the bottom of it with expert, personalized help and
make the changes you’ve been searching for.

I've been where you are and would love to co-create your healthy future with you.

Image by César Couto

You deserve more than a life of battling your gut.

I know just how much an unbalanced gut can hold you back from enjoying the things you love.

But I also know how much this program changes lives, because I’ve been through it myself. 
I believe you have the power to get your digestive system working in a way that
supports the life you want to live. 
Better sleep, more energy, renewed sense of confidence, freedom to enjoy food again,
pulling out your “goal clothes” from the back of the closet...
you deserve it ALL and now is the perfect time to claim it.

A healthy gut can change your life, and that’s an investment you deserve.


Meet Your Coach, Marissa


I used to feel terrible all the time. I was constantly nauseated, bloated and felt uncomfortable in my own skin. I had no energy, terrible acne and had a hard time getting out of bed before noon.

Then, in 2011, I broke my leg and began doing Pilates as a form of rehab. It started me down the path of health and wellness and I never looked back. It took me years of reading books, listening to podcasts and studying at The Institute of Transformational Nutrition to finally figure out what works best for my body.


I will help you get to that point much more quickly. 

Today, in my 40's, I feel better than I have ever felt in my life. I have been where you are and can help you feel better!

I am passionate about all things health related, but never gave up on having fun. I live every day to the fullest, which still includes wine and cheese! There, I said it. I can help you incorporate getting healthy with enjoying your life. 

Here's to a Happy Belly!




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